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No.1382/July.12, 2020
The Xi Jinping Administration "overwhelmed" Hong Kong.
-- It revealed the true character of China becoming imperialism.

 Over its head of Hong Kong, the Xi Jinping Administration passed "the Hong Kong national security keeping law" in no more discussion, and enforced it on the same day. This barbaric act revealed not only the essence of the Chinese system, but also pushed up U.S. and China antagonism for the world conquest on a new stage. We must clarify the meaning.
The Kure ironworks closure by the NIPPON STEEL. -- How do we fight against scrappage?
A rotten "victory" ? -- In the Tokyo gubernatorial election, Koike was reelected.

No.1381/June.28, 2020
A dole-out policy to give 100,000 yen to all the Metropolitan citizens
-- Is Reiwa's Yamamoto a friend of the workers?

 The Tokyo governor election is now taking place. Against the reelection of Koike whose Tokyo government policy was featured by impromptu and haphazard without positive faith, Yamamoto of the Reiwa Shinsengumi appeals for "holding out the hand to suffering people" in the electoral campaign. Though, whether does Reiwa's Yamamoto truly fight for workers and working people or not? That is a problem.
The sharpness lacking in the citizen group & Utsunomiya -- On the opposition party joint struggle only by name
The revolt of new intellectuals -- The movement of anticapitalism is "common"?
Reading the book review of "The Plague" in "The Red Flag"(of the JCP) -- Is it OK by just praising the celebration of humanity?

No.1380/June.14, 2020
A string of large-scale supplementary budgets.
-- They support big companies without regard for appearances.

 To unlimited roll-out policy by national unity between the ruling and opposition parties
[The announcement]:
・About "the Petrel" republication
・About the central "The Capital" learning society
Seven big crimes of the Abe Administration -- Performing "generalization & inspection" of its covid-19 measures.

No.1379/April.5, 2020
Why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics Game but postpone?
-- The half-and-half decision for Abe and Bach, the charman of IOC, is harmful.

 It is said that the Tokyo Olympics are not cancellation, but is one-year postponement. For what at all? Under the prospects that the aim of convergence of the new type corona virus pneumonia has not been in sight yet, and the global pandemic will continue and enlarge in future yet, why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics? Besides, the Tokyo Olympics consume useless money, the expense that already swelled to 3 trillion yen, in addition, it will necessary for hundreds of billions of yen of waste amounts of money from now on. And finally, the Olympics which began from the falsehood remark that "there was completely in a state of under control" as for the nuclear plant accident of Abe, and are covered with corruption buying off and wining and dining of the internal and external persons concerned with. None the less, why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics Game but postpone?
[Editorial]: The "panic theory" of Engels -- "Collision of the forces of production and the mode of production"
Too imprudent -- Stop the Olympics enforcement in next year of July!
Summarize and confirm the human historical meaning! -- The capitalism that reached the times of crisis newly
[Decline]: “The Petrel” will be stopped for a while due to COVID-19. As for our critisism about the government and othe political parties, please look at our HP & blog.

No.1378/March.22, 2020
It's like the Heike forces surprised at waterfowls
- - "We'll send a check to all the Americans promptly"

 The history seemed to be just in the decisive turning point. For this one week, that is to say, in only five days from March 9 to 13, 10 trillion dollars (approximately 1,070 trillion yen) of the world stock prices (the current prices), has gone out like smoke. The aggregate market values were shortened approximately to 69 trillion dollars. In other words, as for it, a large amount of money of 19 trillion dollars (approximately 2 quadrillion yen) disappeared out of 88 trillion dollars at the point of January 20. Because it is not a story of the real capital but a story of the fictious capital, it does not bother the workers and working people and healthy society at all, and no loss for the workers. However, this happening is an awful great event for gentlemen in the world and is the shock like the collapses of the capitalism society.
[Editorial]: Sanders is defeated? -- Banzai(viva)! it means that Trump cannot win ?!
The death sentence in Yamayuri case -- Does this society and judge have a right and a qualification to set a death sentence on this case?
[Notice]: The next issue stops. Please understand it.

No.1376/March.8, 2020
The special feature: An critiscism of Shi-i's "the opposition party joint struggle theory"
The next time Lower House election will be the end place.

-- Whereabouts of the "opposition party joint struggle" course of Shi-i

 Shi-i, the Chairman of the Japan Communist Party, strengthens a maneuver for "version up" of the opposition party joint struggle. He aimed to make the leap of the opposition party joint struggle and to increase the JCP's seats through fighting in the three times of national election by an ordinary opposition party joint struggle, but his efforts were in vain and the opposition party joint struggles piled up only a losing battle. In addition,the opposition party joint struggle in itself dismantled in the 2017 Lower House election and could not but play the failure off by a makeshift joint struggle. As a result, both the authority of Shi-i and his power seem to disappear with a spring empty dream. Shi-i now cannot but spread the fantasy of the participating opposition party government including the JCP. However, if the JCP joins the Democratic Party political power that failed in 2012, it will be something like an unvaried diet.
[Editorial]: The future of the fight of the workers -- One to 99 fantasy of the citizen group
A notification about the central "The Capital" learning circle

No.1375/March.1, 2020
Correct the understanding of capitalism !
-- The Japan Communist Party which cries visionary "consumption recession"

 A fantasy, a dogma that the expression of the fundamental contradiction of the capitalism is not a surplus of the production, but the exploitation of workers and their poverty, therefore, the resolution is the improvement of the life and welfare of workers and poor people began at the golden days of the classical economics in the 19th century and have been inherited to the present age. Malthus, Sismondi and others had preached that the root of the contradiction of the capitalism was in "underconsumption" by the exploitation of the worker, therefore if dissolved it by redistribution of income and welfare, the capitalism had an everlasting life. And, the idea was brought back and succeeded by Keynes at the monopolistic stage of the capitalism, the late monopoistic stage after the 1930s, and is recognized officially as the theory out of question, as an ideology of the modern bourgeoisie.
Not only that, such a vulgar theory is shared and bruited by anti-government parties now, the PDP and the Yamamoto new party , the JCP of the Stalinist, and so on.
[Editorial]: Abe being crazy about the Tokyo Olympics -- The new type pneumonia escalating a crisis
The Japan Steel closes the blast furnace due to worsening business results. -- The struggle of workers starts from the defense of thier work and life at first.
A notice:  Notification of the central "The Capital" learning society re-postponement

No.1374/Feb.23, 2020
The hollowing parliamentary democracy
-- Sweep away the collusion politics between ruling and opposition parties, and among opposition parties!

 Seemingly, the showy argument between the prime minister and the opposition parties continue in the Diet, and it looks that opposition deepens. However, in fact, there is no argument and meaningful examination between the political parties and the government, about important problems, the present conditions, and the real urgent political problem and policy or real world and the Japanese political economy. As a fact, the insubstantial exchanges between the prime minister and the political parties just continue.
[Editorial]: The end of the easy-money policy -- The currencies do not increase even if they inject 80 trillion yen.
Is it OK without a principle? -- "The introduction" of foreign workers
A letter from a reader
A notice:  The announcement of the postponement of the first central "The Capital" learning circle

No.1373/Feb.16, 2020
Wasting tax is just a problem.
-- We impeach the populism politics assented by ruling and opposition parties.

 It is said that Abe talked to Aso, "there was no question demand about the budget from the opposition parties even in the budget committee", and Aso answered "then, the budget bill should be approved" after 7-hour question was over on the first day of the House of Representatives budget committee in the end of January. What does this mean on earth, and how should we understand it? Does it mean that though the opposition parties were absorbed in meaningless chattering in the assembly, they were not fighting against the Abe Administration seriously?
[Editorial]: Pay the compensation of "the nuclear umbrella" -- Is it a tyrannious or fair demand by America?
A simple commodity and a commodity of the capitalism -- What is the exchange value (value)?
Central "The Capital" learning meeting@
I am a menber of the Workers' Party and he is a follower of the JCP. -- I met an old friend again.

No.1372/Feb.9, 2020
Let's develop the fight of the Workers' Party now!
-- Populism of the ruling and opposition parties is rampant.

 In the ordinary session of the Diet, the next fiscal year budget that is important and a serious problem should have been discussed now. Because the most important problem of the Diet now is the budget of the next fiscal year which is the focus of the political dispute and has a big influence on the politics and economy of the modern bourgeois society. However, in the Diet, will the opposition parties try to confront and fight this urgent and important political struggle against the Abe Administration determinedly and seriously? The stage is mainly the Committee on the Budget where such struggle must be called and accomplished objectively.
[Editorial]: The dismantling of EU has just begun. -- Capitalists cannot accomplish the panhuman unification.
The general prospects of the Capital-learning-circle
-- Even "the product theory" of the beginning is very difficult to understand.

No.1371/Feb.2, 2020
“The annual spring offensive” in name only
-- The media intellectuals can just blab.

 The annual spring offensive is in full swing. But it is not same as the former "annual spring offensive" in which the whole of the workers has fought for improvement of living against companies and bourgeoisie by the use of force including strikes and so on. It has changed completely to the place that the executives and labor union hold a meeting peacefully and cooperate about the method of wage payment or a wage increase rate, and the economy, the profit and the growth of the company. There is nothing left of the remnant that is "total" class struggle and actions of the workers.
[Editorial]: Working for capital ? -- We impeach the "economic rebuilding by wage increase" idea.
The childish "tactics" of the JCP -- To socialism by gouging other parties?
About the chart of the issue before last -- A question from a reader what does "the slanted line"
In answer to a question from a reader -- Hayashi article on "The Petrel" no.1369
Where does the falling Social Democratic Party go to? -- The opposition parties joint struggle has a rocky road ahead.

No.1370/Jan.26, 2020
The Middle Eastern dispatch of the Self-Defence Forces and the Japan Communist Party
-- Abe's service to Trump

 Kouno, the Defense Minister of Japan, when the P3 patrol aircraft aiming for the Middle East flew away from Naha Airport on January 11, gave instructions to the crew that "it is very important to secure the Middle Eastern as a source of main energy supply of the world and the navigation of the Japan ships' safety". His speech was a formula remark when the Abe government as an American "ally" dispatched the armed forces to the Middle East. Of course, the Japan Communist Party(JCP) appeals against its dispatch, but from what kind of position do they object and fight? Do they really fight on the position of workers and working people? Don't they really help the Abe governmen from the point of view of the nationalism? We must check it strictly.
[Editorial]: What do they do with the JCP? -- The Constitutional Democratic Party, got dumped by the National Democratic Party
The 1960 anti-security treaty struggle and Michiko Kanba -- Was it really a fight to deserve her death?

No.1368/Dec.29, 2019
The failure of the private examination utilization
-- The adhesion between the Abe Administration and the private education capital

 As a trigger of "a gaffe" of Hagiuda, the English private enterprise examination utilization problem became the suspension after all. A come-on of "education reform", which began by forcible "political initiative" of the Abe Administration, namely the policy using English private proficiency test for the university entrance exam, closed a curtain suddenly again by "political leadership" of the Abe government. What was the education reform that the Abe government had pushed forcibly for seven years? Who has the responsibility to youths who were made to run about in utter confusion by the politics of the Abe government which decayed by the hazardousness and confusion and such nonsense on earth? The responsibility of the Abe Administration is clear. And Akimoto, the villain who is the confidant of Abe was arrested for the bribery charge in the end of the year. The Abe Administration became an existence like a sepsis meat which gave off a bad smell now. We will reveal the essence of the English private enterprise examination, in other words, the true character of the politics of the Abe Administration, and we call a fight to defeat this government in the next year and are going to send this year's last "Petrel" to the hands of the readers.
[Editorial]: The failing finance under the Abe Administration -- The finance to fix "income" by "expenditure"
We published a pamphlet for "The Capital" learning circles.
Let's learn "The Capital", let's surpass "The Capital" to understand the capitalism as a whole! -- The guidance about by what point of view should we organize "The Capital" learning circle
For the understanding of the capitalism as a whole -- Let's get over a existing "The Capital" studying circle!

No.1367/Dec.15, 2019
A ringing funeral bell of the Japan Communist Party.
-- Do they say such as the revision of the basics of the program again !?

 The Japan Communist Party has also played a fuss about the revision of program and has begun a new, fussy tactic to justify its opportunism and reformism, and slavery to capitalism and capital rule. In addition, with the publication of a revised version of “the Capital” led by the JCP, they have interpreted arbitrarily, revised from a distorted viewpoint, rewrote Marxism and “the Capital”, the actual history and the reality of the world in order to adapt to their opportunistic lines, too. So they are indulging in another crime of historical revisionism teamed up with the Abe administration (reactionary forces, nationalist forces).
[Editorial]: The Japan-US trade agreement -- The protectionism of JCP is powerless.
[Book review]: Revealing the capitalism of Soviet Union and China
-- Hayashi Hayashi, “the 'Socialism' of illusion”

No.1366/Dec.1, 2019
The opposition party joint struggle in an extremely precarious position
-- The truth that the Kochi local elections teach

 The parties of the opposition party joint struggle group united to clarify the achievement of the opposition party joint struggle, and the Kochi governor's race that was fought under the communist candidate and the election for Mayor Kochi turned out contrastive result. For those people that believe Kochi is the most promising electoral district for the Japan Communist Party(JCP), the result was definitely serious defeat. Because in the governor's race where all parties of the opposition party joint struggle group united and fought, but their candidate was defeated by LDP & Komeitou's candidate with 110,000 to 170,000, while at the sametime the opposition party side won a clear-cut victory with 55,000 to 31,000 in the election for Mayor Kochi where FDP & koumeitou' s candidate and the candidate supported by the Constitutional Democaratic Party & the National Democratic Party confronted. The results mean that 2 parties of the former Democratic Party = the Democratic Progressive Party could win, but the opposition party joint struggle group where the Japan Communist Party joined was defeated; This result is seriously unwell for the JCP.
We start "partyfellow" system -- Please provide both psychological and material support to the Workers Pary!
[Editorial]: A fight of the Hong Kong people went a single step. -- However, the power still is under the Chinese Communist Party.
Thinking about the issue of the girl statue display of the Aichi Triennale 2019 -- The dangerous fascist sign which forces freedom out
From the New Year, weekly publication starts -- The "Petrel" will renovate the space and be more readable
Is the difference between generations a problem? -- The seniors(over 75 years old) should defray 20% burden of medical expenses?

No.1365/Nov.17, 2019
After the collapse of Abenomics
-- Abe's first economic measure in 3 years

 According to Abe, Abenomics, which has been held over the past seven years, was a great success, and as the result, the Japanese economy is now smooth sailing, the bourgeois are very satisfied with the economic growth and prosperity, and the workers are highly satisfied with rising wages and living standards. It is said that Japan is a country where a paradise on earth has been realized. The society with declining birthrate and aging of population can be easily overcome by the realization of “all-generation social security,” and under the Abe administration, people can enjoy happiness and security that last forever.
[Editorial]: The masquerade such as 26 people vs. 3.8 billion people -- Deception of the leftist populist who shouts the gap
Why did it fade? -- 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall
The Emperor is actually the top of the war criminals. -- At the time of the war defeat, the Emperor System should have been abolished.

No.1364/Nov.3, 2019
Change your way of thinking, opposition parties!
-- They could't fight as far as they were just against the consumption tax increase.

 According to "the public opinion poll" of the Asahi Shimbun, 54% of the people are affirming the consumption tax increase. On the other hand, it became clear that 62.5% of them, nearly two-thirds, held objection or even anger against infants education free policy of the Abe Administration. The opposition party joint struggle group said that they were against the consumption tax and the consumption tax increase, and demanded the expenditure increase of the nation supported by debt -- even national debt and the dole-out policy--, and spread such an opportunism, irresponsibility and anarchism, though we advised them in the Upper House election they could never beat the Abe Administration by such position. The poll suggests the sign of the consciousness change of the nation drastically, and reveals not only why they were not able to beat the Abe Liberal Democratic Party at all, but also the "secret" of their defeat.
[Editorial]: The enthronement ceremony and the Emperor family -- Don't you reflect on yourself ?
Ardent yell from readers
What is the true character of the Emperor system of Japan? -- The Emperor always "walks together" with men of power.

No.1363/Oct21, 2019
Our party is like a phoenix.
-- We decided to revenge to win.

 In the beginning of October, the 5th Congress of the Workers' Party, which was held by bringing together representatives selected from 14 national branches, decided to continue our fight with an overwhelming majority of 13 in favor and 1 hold. In other words, we desided our policy to continue the fundamental political struggle of the Workers' Party, rebuild, strengthen, and expand the party and rejoin the national election struggle to win parliamentarians who is both our great hope and future. Though we participated in the 2019 Upper House elections decidedly, the task of victory in which we aimed at sending representatives of workers, fighting warriors into the trash of corrupt parliaments and legislators was surely “defeated". But only as a party that struggled decisively with confronting the Abe administration head-on, exposing the opposition joint struggle groupe who was pretending false sympathetic of workers, we summerized with pride that our struggle was essential, right, and important decisively. We confirmed that it was necessary and indispensable to take on further struggles, and once we stopped fighting, it was even a betrayal against workers. That is the reason why we decided the rechallenge.
[Editorial]: What kind of party is the Japan Communist Party? -- The difference between concept determination and labels.

No.1362/Oct6, 2019
The consumption tax increase "conversion" by Abe
-- 5% increase of the consumption tax is "deemed" system.

 As you, our readers, know, 5% increase of the consumption tax based on the agreement of three parties (with the Democratic Party which was in the seat of the government, the Liberal Dmocratic Party and the Komei Party) in 2012, was confirmed that 80% of the increse should be expended for finance reform and 20% of that for "enhancement" of the social security. However, now both the government and the state organ (bureaucrats such as Ministry of Finance) say that all of the comsumption tax increase is "expended for the social security", and add that the spending will cotribute to the finance reform. After all, they are trying to "comvert" all of the consumption tax increase for their dole-out policy.
The Abe Administration and our Workers' Party
-- Which was right?
[Editorial]: The consumption tax and opposition parties -- The joint struggle is hopeless under the current situation.

No.1361/Sep22, 2019
Do not permit "the diversion" of the consumption tax increase.
-- Half demagogic politics of Abe deepening more.

 After winning the Upper House election, Abe established a new regime of cabinet triumphantly.
 However, it is not clear what he want to do in the short period of approximately two years yet. Does he accomplish the constitutional amendment that is his own passion in the meantime, or does he leave the seat of power quietly as a way to retire with the successful Tokyo Olympic Games? Or does he "deep-mine" a half hoax, populism politics such as “all-generation social security” to maintain approval rating and to gain time, and entrust the ambitions of a constitutional amendment to the 5th Abe Administration?
An article reprinted from the Niconico(smiley) LiVE
[Editorial]: The opposition party joint struggle and Taro Yamamoto -- We see it only an uncongenial divergence of opinion within an alliance.

No.1360/Sep.8, 2019
The Japan Communist Party going toward the way to dissolving the party and extinction
-- An appeal of the opposition party joint struggle government by Shi-i

 Shi-i is trumpeting his political views that the opposition party joint struggle in the Upper House elections was a great success, and gained the big results. And he insists to raise an opposition party joint struggle to a new joint struggle for "aiming the opposition party joint struggle government", in other words, the establishment of "the nation alliance government" seriously. In addition, he starts a new maneuver and strengthen pressure now other opposition parties and the Yamamoto new party. It seems that he wants to say a mere opposition party joint struggle without aiming the government doesn't get trust from the "nation" -- which kind of "nation" does he means? -- nor attract them. However, we have to clarify what Shi-i says is a daydream, and has no realistic nor practical significance, and, a way which Shi-i recommends, is a way to the hell for workers and working people. By the way, his maneuver for realization the government by the opposition party joint struggle power has the reliable future? It seems that his effort has no practical possibility nor inevitability.
A one-third victory as a illusion -- Criticism even from a JCP member of the House of Representatives
[Editorial]: Daring fights of the Hong Kong people -- They gained a huge historical victory

No.1359/Aug.25, 2019
The dole-out social security policy of Abe is advantageous for the government.
-- The social security policy of this country is bullying elderly people.

 The LDP opened the Investigation Committee for the social security system officers' meeting on August 5, approximately two weeks after the Upper House election was over, and discussed offerring contents to the government. The contents were such as "they launch a new meeting for the construction of all generations type social security". It is said that the government, receiving such a request and establishing a new meeting to argue intensively on autumn later, submit a reform bill of "a pension" and "the care" in the ordinary session of the Diet in the next year, and a reform bill of "the medical care" in the ordinary session of the Diet in the year after next for the "social security" reform which was "postponed" after the Upper House election.
"A social insurance general plan" of the Workers' Party. -- From the sixth national meeting resolution of the Social Democratic Party of Russia (the Bolshevik group) in 1912.
[Editorial]: "Variety" lacking sociality -- An expression of the individualism of elite group "intellectuals".
The ambition not to know one's place -- Is Taro Yamamoto a big person for the prime minister?

No.1358/Aug.11, 2019
Abe, you too?
-- An evil economic sanction by the Abe Administrationt

 A new maneuver of the Abe Administration has begun. It is an agitation of dangerous xenophobia by using a dispute with Korea --not North Korea --, and a dirty plot to raise the centripetal force of the Abe government and to strengthen the base of the government by praising nationalism.
[Editorial]: The idealism of the Asahi Shimbun -- On a dogma dozens of years before
Whereabouts of Reiwa's new diet members -- Maneuver politicians will be only corrupted
An article reprinted from NikoNiko live broadcasting

No.1357/July.28, 2019
We could not accomplish our political struggle. -- The defeat of the Workers' Party.

 The 2019 Upper House election struggle of the Workers' Party suffered a crushing defeat by the vote that did not reach 10% of the aim. We, the representative committee, express serious reflection, regret and will of gratitude to many people who supported from whole country, in particular, to readers, and all workers for not having been able to meet the expectation in the times important and the situation that was not necessarily disadvantageous.
[Editorial]: The politics of the Reiwa Shinsengumi -- From populism to fascism

No.1353/June.2, 2019
We decide to set Ms.Keiko Ito as a proportional candidacy (the specific frame) .
-- She fights for the female workers who do anguish and are discriminated.

 The convention of the Workers Party which was held over 2 days of the 18th and 19th on May won the agreement of the final intention in the Upper House Election that will begin in 2 months in what battle formation we take, what politics policy we apply.
[Editorial]: The future of Abe politics -- Apres moi le deluge
The book of proportional representation constituency candidate Mr.KikuchiI --It draws perfectly an education theory of the big revolution period of France.
Attention to the Youtube --The vivid reappearance of the outdoor campaign activity
The introduction of the brochure, "The illusion of the opposition parties' united front" -- Dismantle the Japan Communist Party by utilizing this brochure

No.1352/May.19, 2019
The world is running into the crisis times
-- from the economic rationality to the crazy commotion like a fascism

 "The economic recovery" which started at around the end in 2012 when Abe administration was born, in March of this year, is transferring to "the aggravation" according to the judgment of business situation in the Cabinet Office, and the bourgeoisie and the government began to bustle. The Administration is saying that there’s no worry. Because, if the government admits a serious economic condition, it is expected that ”the business mind” changes immediately and the aggravation of the business conditions will accelerate. However, actually, the “ economic warfare” between U.S and China is deteriorating more and more, the trust in all over the world expands extraordinarily, and a lot of nations including Japan are on the brink of the collapse in the head by the burden of the debt. The world is filled with the forces that bring the economy into the dramatic collapse and the chaos.
[Editorial]: About the whole of Okinawa and Japan --The appeal to all the workers and working people in Okinawa
The reality is old-fashioned -- though the new opposition party united front wears a new suit of clothes
A delightful postcard from the classmate

No.1351/May.5, 2019
Don't permit the consumption tax increase diversion by Abe.
-- "All the generation type social security" is doll-out policy for "the middle class ".

 The Abe administration is strengthening maneuvering to win in the Upper House Election by expressing the consumption tax increase of 2 trillion yen and its diversion for the "all the generation type social security" by the Upper House Election and promising a doll-out policy. We have to confront and break down such a vulgar and dismantling maneuvering of Abe which destroys even the root of the society, the politics and the culture in addition to the finance, the finance and the economy in Japan. The importance and the meaning of our fight and duty is becoming increasingly bigger.
[Editorial]: The Imperial Family is increasingly appearing as a political existence -- It fuses with the Abe politics improperly.
The meaning of the 12th district of Oosaka by-election of the House of Representatives -- The beginning of the failure and the collapse of the opposition parties united front is clear.
Our May Day fight report

No.1350/April.21, 2019
A policy making free of charge of infants education
-- Is it sure enough a problem of the social security?

 The Abe Administration adopted "child and child care support law revision" to make preschool education, childcare free from October on 9th in the House of Representatives with the consent of the National Democratic Party and the Japan Restoration Party as well as LDP and the Komeito and sent it to the House of Councilors. If there is the agreement of 2 parties of the quasi-ruling party, as well as the LDP and the Komeito of the ruling party, it is certain that it will be adopted in the House of Councilors, and is carried out hurriedly from October. We impeach this bill as for vote‐catching dole-out rather than "policy", object to the insincere policy that there is not right other than the Upper House election guide of this summer of the Abe Administration. and impeach such a folly if they are going to divert the money of the consumption tax increase to such a policy. We require to carry out sweeping of the chronic "waiting-list child" (the lack of nursery school) which torment young worker's family (in particular, the workwomen who feel the anguish of child care) and became the social disease as a problem having top priority immediately now.
[Editorial]: Unrest of Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party -- Has he begun to be aware of own failure?
A introduction of a street propagannda
Small pamphlet series for the Upper House election victory (2)
Rising expectation and support to the fight of the party -- A description of Humio Yoshimura hard fight
An air castle and a way to defeat -- The opposition parties joint struggle line of Shii, the chairman of JCP

No.1349/April.7, 2019
We feel an ominous foreboding for the imperial era name of "Reiwa".
-- the consillience with historical experience according too much.

 The fuss or the farce of substitute of the Emperor reachs one top by the decision and announcement of the name of an imperial era "Reiwa", and in addition, it is going to be completed by the enthronement of the new Emperor on May 1. What this dangerous fussing mean may be that the Emperor have appeared as a completely dangerous "political" existence again since 1945, as an effective and advantageous tool for the unification of the japanese citizen to the nationalism that Abe plots by coalescing and fusing the Abe government.
[Editorial]: The opposition parties are scattered. -- The opposition parties joint struggle have become a dream within a dream.
The election struggle advances in the whole country (10) Mr.Hayashi and Mr.Iwase, the planed candidate, maked an impassioned speech. -- A report of the 4.3 Nakano platform speech meeting.
An air castle and a way to defeat -- The opposition parties joint struggle line of Shii, the chairman of JCP

No.1348/March.24, 2019
The open fight in the capital Tokyo started.
-- Aiming for 100,000 votes in the capital.

 On 18th, we performed a street speech meeting of Hayashi, the party president, and Iwase, one of the party president committees for the Upper House election in front of Ueno station. In the beginning of "The Petrel" this issue, I we introduce the speech of Hayashi on the Emperor system of Japan = the problems about revision of the constitution. Our party begins a last spurt for four months until the Upper House election.
[Editorial]: It is in "the spring of price hike" at last. -- The economic good circulation by resonance with wage increase is a illusion.
The election struggle advances in the whole country (9) Candidate Hayashi and Iwase appealed powerfully. -- A report of the 3.18 speech meeting in front of the Ueno staision
At first from the clean up of the pension difference -- The pension is unnecessary for the upper-income group.

No.1347/March.10, 2019
It is a betrayal to the internationalism of the workers.
-- The U.S.-North Korea summit meeting and the situation of JCP.

 The colloquy such as outfoxing the foxes game of the U.S.-North Korea villain leader who did not know to deceive and suppress the nation of the own country was over for failure without reaching any kind of agreement in the meantime. It is natural that the colloquy of people pursuing the own country first like mistakenly held obsession becomes only such a thing. It is too stand out the asininity and nonsense and betrayal of JCP who evaluated and applauded it by maximum words, and fanned a fantasy without check as " from U.S.-North Korea conflict to a conversation -- a turning point of the history to contribute to world peace" (the Red Flag, June 13, 2018) in June of the last year.
[Editorial]: The parrot-cry of the fool -- Shii, the chairman of JCP fans the opposition parties joint struggle illusion again.
The election struggle advances in the whole country (8) Tokyo -- Mr. Iwase who challenges the Emperor taboo in the capital
For 1 million votes of 2% acquisition -- Candidate Yoshimura running at full speed (proportional-representation constituency identification frame)
For the victory of the Upper House election struggle --
We will publish small pamphlet series according to each theme.

No.1346/Feb.24, 2019
Let's sublate populism politics.
-- Neither "austerity" nor "relaxation", beyond the two.

 The present age seems to be the time of "Populism". if we borrow a famous phrase of "the Communist Manifesto" of Marx, "ghost" called the Populism loiters around all over the world --in United States and Europe and Asia and Central and South America, and also in China and Russia and North Korea which we prescribe state capitalism and where the Communist Party autocratically rule, that is to say all over the world literally-- now in the world of the politics on the earth.
[Editorial]: Abe fans antiforeign feelings against the Chairperson of Korean Diet remark. -- With agitating for mutual distrust and hatred
The election struggle advances in the whole country (7) A proportional-representation constituency specific frame candidate, Humio Yoshimura (sequel)
Received an email of encouragement from a worker, too.
For true solution to the issue of nursing care -- Across the false "socialization of nursing care"

No.1345/Feb.10, 2019
Our constitution revision draft
-- Do you not fight with carrying it together?

[Editorial]: Statistics falsification of Abe -- A death knell of Abenomics resounded.
The election struggle advances in the whole country (6) A proportional-representation constituency specific frame candidate, Humio Yoshimura
I will fight at the head around West Japan.
The Upper House election is going to a tripartite fight for the LDP, the opposition parties, and the Workers' Party. -- We aim at the severe criticism accomplishment for the opposition parties.
Showed enthusiasm to appeal to 10 million qualified voters -- The press conference of the candidate Seiji Iwase, Tokyo electoral district
We should put an end to a sterile debate
-- About a "value transfer" of means of production theory by the useful labor

No.1344/Jan.27, 2019
We dash afterward for victory anyway.
-- We reorganized the front of fight again and strengthened it.

 In the Workers' Party interim meeting held in the last end of January, we discussed and examined the reorganization and change problem of the Upper House election candidate with the refusal request by Hayashi as the candidate proportional-representation constituency、 and additionally, the reinforcement of the central leadership, how to fight or how to fight what kind of policy as an axis in the Upper House election, and we think that we were able to meet the problem basically.
[Editorial]: A indignation of one liberalist -- Do not miss the reactionary characteristics of the Emperor system of Japan.
We decided the ten candidates.
Why do we hold up the constitution revision draft? -- The constitution revision and the issue of Emperor system of Japan.
A constitution revision draft
The election struggle advances in the whole country (5 ) Hiroshima -- Some immediate good reactions after the press conference

No.1343/Jan.13, 2019
Let's fight out the Upper House election decidedly
-- The New Year's appeal of the Workers' Party

 A happy New Year! all readers of the "Umitsubame(Petrel)" in Jappan.
 The Upper House election's year affecting the fate of our party began. Last year, the Chairperson of the party, Mr.Hayashi suddenly took a emergency disease, and it triggerd a kind of slump or stagnant atmosphere, but Mr.Hayashi was discharged on December 27 safely, and our fights started again vigorously. We are going to hold a meeting in order to strengthen our leadership and propose new policies in last half of January.
[Editorial]: Stop a new dole-out policy! -- Preschool education ‖nd childcare are totally different
Discovered several Wakas(31-syllable Japanese poem) of the Showa Emperor's closing years -- An ordinary and irresponsible man's Waka
The election struggle advances in the whole country (4 ) Osaka -- Liquidate the Abe Government and the Japan Innovation Party from Osaka
We should put an end to a sterile debate
-- About a "value transfer" of means of production theory by the useful labor(3)

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