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- Going Beyond Trotskyism !

From "The Study of Scientific Communism"(No.28, 1970)

The Stalinist Communist Party has been jeering Trotsky by all means between the long period of tens of years, for instance, "Counterrevolution", "Minion of imperialists", "People's enemy", "Betrayer", and "Provocation", etc. And, such myth has gone unchallenged in the proletarian revolutionary movement in the world under a certain condition. Even such situation have been exactly the one to prove unfathomable ugliness of Soviet bureaucracy. At the same time, it has been related to the terrible corruption of the world communist movement and has been the part of it.

We protect Trotsky and Trotskyism for such abuse of the Stalinist Communist Party. However, the purpose of our protecting Trotskyism is not to support Trotskyism or to beautify it. The purpose of it is to clarify true essence of Trotskyism, and is to define Trotskyism strictly as one political tendency which has been born relating to the revolutionary movement of suppressed people of Russia and the world. If this try succeeds, it will be clarified how foolish and shameful the abuse to Trotskyism such as "Minion of imperialist", etc., is.

It is necessary to give Trotsky the same evaluation as what Lenin gave to Rosa. Lenin evaluated Rosa as follows with the example of the allegory of kuruirof. Lenin said that Rosa was not a hen chicken (snob opportunist) but an eagle, in spite of all defects of Rosa's ideology and practice (Such Rosa's defects are not adventitious mistakes but essential ones like Trotsky's defects), "Hen chickens can never fly up like eagles, though eagles occasionally descend lower than hen chickens"(the 33 volume page 208 of the complete works).

It was not doubtful that Trotsky descended often lower than hen chickens and he made a lot of mistakes which were no accidents. We exposed the mistakes in this feature, and provided them as individualistic romanticism as a whole, which conflicted with Marxism-Leninism as far as his mistakes concerned. However, it is already political demagogie to call Trotsky's romanticism as "Counterrevolution". We believe that political demagogies like the Communist Party are harmful in above all for the proletarian revolutionary movement.

Lenin said with the Trotsky faction in mind that Bolshevik had attracted the nearest tendency to them through the revolutionary struggle. As Lenin said, the Trotsky faction as well as the Rosa faction, was nearer to Bolshevik than any other factions(i. e., Menshevik, S. L., and anarchist, etc.) in spite of their romanticism. The Communist Party has been concealing this historical clear fact of the Russian revolutionary movement, and has provided that Trotskyists were "Leninism's enemy", a one-sided abstraction of them. The essence of the Trotskyism as a tendency which is the nearest to Bolshevik in spite of "Non-Bolshevism" of course did not change even in the age when they opposed Stalinism after the October revolution. In this sense, we have to learn from Trotsky's aggressive respects(Not from the negative side like the New Left) and we can learn from them.

(the chief editor of 'The Study of Scientific Communism'1970)

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