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Lenin's gOwn Wordsh
(An Introduction to Lenin's Thought)
By Kuriki Shin'ichi (Hayashi Hiroyoshi)

This book, written Hayashi Hiroyoshi (under the pen name Kuriki Shin'ichi), was published by Haga Shoten in 1969. It was intended as an introductory book for the general public. (Translated by Roy West)

[[ Table of Contents ]] (The Parts without link will be uploaded later.)

Part One: On Art and Culture

1. Theory of Art
Class Society and the Artist / On So-Called Modern Art /
Art Belongs to the People / Taken by Music

2. On Literature
Is Free gLiteratureh Possible? / What is gFree Publicationh? /
The Question of gParty Literatureh and the Freedom of Literature / On Proletarian Culture / Sufficient not to be Bureaucratic Culture / On the Novel

3. Evaluation of Writers and the Role of the Intelligentsia
Politics and Art / Criticism of Gorky / View of Tolstoy / The Role of the Intelligentsia

Part Two: On the Issues of Sex, Women, Youth, Education, and Morality

4. Sex and Love
Absorption in the Problem of Sex / gGlass-of-waterh theory /
On gFree Loveh / Pure and Impure Kisses

5. The Woman Question
Sexual Discrimination and the Subjection and Oppression of Women /
Conditions for the Emancipation of Women / Socialism and the Emancipation of Women /
On the Freedom of Divorce / Workers and the Value of the Birth Control Movement /
The Woman Question and Social Problems

6. Youth and Education
What are the Tasks of Youth? / What is Important for Youth? / What Should be Studied? /
How Should One Study? / On the Old School System

Part Three: Philosophy and Worldview

7. Materialist Philosophy
Marxism is Materialism / Divide Between Materialism and Idealism / On the Theory of Reflection / Philosophical Concept of Matter / On the Roots of Religion / Epistemological Basis of Idealism

8. On Dialectics
The Core of Dialectics / Dialectics as the Explanation of Development / Dialectics of Cognition / Negation in Dialectics / Dialectics vs. Sophistry and Eclecticism

9. On Hegel's Logic
gThree Membersh of Logic / Significance of Hegel's Logic / Hegel's Logic and Marx's Capital / Criticism of Plekhanov / Categories of Logic and Human Practice

10. The Materialist Conception of History
Significance of the Materialist Conception of History /
Development of Society is a Natural-Historical Process / On the Theory of Determination /
On Objectivism (Fatalism) / What is the ?gHighest Task of Humanity?h?

Part Four: On Economic Theory

11. A Criticism of the Narodniks and the Evolution of Capitalism
Petty Bourgeois Character of "People's Production" /
Contradictions of Capitalism and the Market Problems /
Contradictions and Progressiveness of Capitalism / Capitalism and Machinery /
How to Fight Against the Trusts and Monopoly Capital /
Defense of Free Trade (So-Called Liberalization) / The Essence of Narodnism

12. The Agrarian Problem and Agrarian Revolution
Dual Character of the Peasantry / Proletariat's Attitude towards the Peasantry /
gCut-Off Lands Programh / Revolutionary Prospects of the Peasantry /
Two Roads to Bourgeois Development / Two-Stage Theory of Revolution

13. On Imperialism
Definition of Imperialism / Five Forms of Imperialism /
Relationship Between Imperialism and Capitalism in General /
Imperialism and its Connection to Opportunism / Criticism of Kautsky /
Imperialism and Neutral Countries

14. What is gPeculiar State Capitalismh?
For What Purpose did the Soviets Grab Power? / On NEP = gPeculiar State Capitalismh /
Contradictions of NEP / Economic Source of Russian Bureaucracy / Socialism and Class

Part Five: Theories of the State, Nation and War

15. The Theory of the State
What is the Essence of the State? / Criticism of the Democratic State /
Bourgeois and Proletarian States / On Proletarian Democracy /
Criticism of the gDemocratic Coalition Governmenth / Criticism of the gFree People's Stateh /
Centralized Authority and Regional Autonomy

16. On the Problem of the Nation
Marxism and Nationalism / Arguments of Petty Bourgeois Nationalists /
On gNational Cultureh / Arrangement of Class Power Worldwide /
Imperialism and Wars of National Liberation / Autonomy of the Proletarian Party in National Wars

17. Imperialist War and Opportunism
gWar is the Continuation of Policy by Other Meansh / Imperialist War and Opportunism /
On gDefense of the Fatherlandh / On Pacifism / On Military Disarmament

Part Six: Class Struggle and the Proletarian Vanguard Party

18. On the Theory of Class Struggle
No Revolution without a Revolutionary Situation / What is the Class Struggle? /
Reformist and Revolutionary Struggles / Struggle for Democracy and the Struggle for Socialism /
On Unity / Criticism of gUnited Front Tacticsh / Petty Bourgeois Criticism of Revolution

19. The Party and Communist Activity
Breadth of Party Composition / On Economism / So-called gTheory of Infusion from the Outsideh /
Importance of Revolutionary Theory / The Ideal for a Revolutionary
Organization of Workers and Organization of Revolutionaries /
The Party and a Political Newspaper / On Communist Activity

Part Seven: A Short Biography of Lenin

1.  Execution of Lenin's Brother Alexander
2.  The Two Proletarian Parties in Russia
3.  Views of Russian Revolutionary Tactics and Reality
4.  Imperialist War and Going Against the Current
5.  The Victory of the Russian Revolution and Lenin
6.  Significance of Lenin's Policies After the Revolution
7.  Image of Lenin as a Person

Appendix: Lenin's Relationship with Other Figures

man">Plekhanov / Martov Gorky / Rosa Luxemburg / Trotsky / Stalin / Inessa Armand /
Malinovsky / Krupskaya / Friedrich Adler / Lenin's Family

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