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Let's crush the maneuver of revision of the constitution and the militarism line of the LDP and Reactionaries!
Let's raise highly the flag of "elimination of exploitation" and "liberation of labor"!
Let's gain one million votes, and send the representatives of workers to the national diet!
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UMITSUBAME No.1377/March.15
"UMITSUBAME" that means storm petrel in Japanese, is the WPLL newspaper published every two weeks..

@In front of the National Diet (Nov.1959)

lenin's "own words"
For raising trotskyism!

No.1379/April.5, 2020
Why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics Game but postpone?
-- The half-and-half decision for Abe and Bach, the charman of IOC, is harmful.

@It is said that the Tokyo Olympics are not cancellation, but is one-year postponement. For what at all? Under the prospects that the aim of convergence of the new type corona virus pneumonia has not been in sight yet, and the global pandemic will continue and enlarge in future yet, why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics? Besides, the Tokyo Olympics consume useless money, the expense that already swelled to 3 trillion yen, in addition, it will necessary for hundreds of billions of yen of waste amounts of money from now on. And finally, the Olympics which began from the falsehood remark that "there was completely in a state of under control" as for the nuclear plant accident of Abe, and are covered with corruption buying off and wining and dining of the internal and external persons concerned with. None the less, why don't they cancel the Tokyo Olympics Game but postpone?
[Editorial]: The "panic theory" of Engels -- "Collision of the forces of production and the mode of production"
Too imprudent -- Stop the Olympics enforcement in next year of July!
Summarize and confirm the human historical meaning! -- The capitalism that reached the times of crisis newly
[Decline]: gThe Petrelh will be stopped for a while due to COVID-19. As for our critisism about the government and othe political parties, please look at our HP & blog.

No.1378/March.22, 2020
It's like the Heike forces surprised at waterfowls
- - "We'll send a check to all the Americans promptly"

@The history seemed to be just in the decisive turning point. For this one week, that is to say, in only five days from March 9 to 13, 10 trillion dollars (approximately 1,070 trillion yen) of the world stock prices (the current prices), has gone out like smoke. The aggregate market values were shortened approximately to 69 trillion dollars. In other words, as for it, a large amount of money of 19 trillion dollars (approximately 2 quadrillion yen) disappeared out of 88 trillion dollars at the point of January 20. Because it is not a story of the real capital but a story of the fictious capital, it does not bother the workers and working people and healthy society at all, and no loss for the workers. However, this happening is an awful great event for gentlemen in the world and is the shock like the collapses of the capitalism society.
[Editorial]: Sanders is defeated? -- Banzai(viva)! it means that Trump cannot win ?!
The death sentence in Yamayuri case -- Does this society and judge have a right and a qualification to set a death sentence on this case?
[Notice]: The next issue stops. Please understand it.

No.1377/March.15, 2020
From "expansion" to "austerity"
-- A law of capitalism and circulation movement

@A ghost called corona pneumonia wanders around the world and sweeps it over. It seems that the fall of stock prices might not stop now. As of March 10, the stock prices of Japan fall below 20,000 yen in no time and are falling more, and it sweeping away the false result of the easy-money policy of Kuroda and others and Abenomics for 7 years. And, the Abe Administration has exhausted the easy-money policy and the financial expansion policy for the deepening of the crisis, so they can only repine at their incompetence and powerless now.
The expression of the position of "middle class" -- Confrontation fantasy of 1 vs 99
[Editorial]: They are still putit bourgeos nationalist. -- Even if the Japan Communist Party changed the evaluation of China.
To the principle of cooperation with the capitalist group -- "Unification in the variety" of Shi-i, the chairman of the JCP
Notification of the central "The Capital" learning circle

Marx's Labor Theory of Value :
A Defense
Hayashi Hiroyoshi
Translated by Roy West

Our price:$26.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 420
ISBN: 0-595-34600-6
Published: Mar-2005

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Japanese Marxist Hayashi Hiroyoshi introduces the fundamental concepts of Marx's economic theory, particularly the "labor theory of value" presented at the beginning of Capital.

Book Description

Karl Marx's ideas have been declared "dead" on more than one occasion, only to emerge with new relevance a few years later. But the "collapse of communism" seemed to be the final nail in his coffin. The end of history had been reached, we were told, and poor old Karl was wrong. - Or was he?

In Marx's Labor Theory of Value: A Defense, Hayashi Hiroyoshi argues that Marx will continue to be relevant as long as capitalism continues to exist. This is simply because no one grasped the nature of capitalism on a more profound level than Marx did. Hayashi presents the most fundamental aspects of Marxist economic thought, centering on the discussion of the commodity at the beginning of Capital. Also included are detailed examinations of Adam Smith's theory of value and the concepts of ground - rent, credit, and productive labor. Hayashi shows that Marx's labor theory of value is the key not only to understanding capitalism but also for grasping the essential characteristics of socialism. And socialism - as the real solution to the contradictions of capitalism - turns out to have little in common with the recently deceased "communist" states.

Now that history has resumed - after its brief "hiatus" - it's time to return to Marx!

Our First English Publication !!
 Stalinist or Scientific

The Marxist Theory
of State capitalism

Written by Hiroyoshi Hayashi ; Kennichi Suzuki ,
Translated by Roy West
(Price: 2,000yen / U.S. $19 + shipping charge)

We have finally published our first book in English! Now our theory of state capitalism is available in English to socialists throughout the world. This book exposes the pseudo "socialism" of the Soviet Union and China that was mistaken for the real thing for so long. This book represents an important theoretical pillar for the struggle for real socialism.