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Let's crush the maneuver of revision of the constitution and the militarism line of the LDP and Reactionaries!
Let's raise highly the flag of "elimination of exploitation" and "liberation of labor"!
Let's gein one million votes, and send the representatives of workers to the national diet!
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UMITSUBAME No.1305/July.9
"UMITSUBAME" that means storm petrel in Japanese, is the MCG newspaper published
every two weeks..

 In front of the National Diet (Nov.1959)

lenin's "own words"
For raising trotskyism!

No.1305/July.9, 2017
The Tokyo Metropolitan assembly has been dominated by "conservatives".
-- The DPP and the JCP were defeated conclusively.

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election was over as a complete defeat of the LDP and a landslide victory of the hastily prepared the Tokyo Residents First(or Koike new party). Though the times of "the beginning of of the end of the Abe Administration" were finally started, the DPP and the JCP could hardly increase support in the situation of a complete defeat of the Abe LDP, and were rather defeated practically, and revealed again and again that they had completely already lost the future as a political party of the workers .

[Editorial]: It is not a problem of "the accountability". -- Now is just the time to overthrow the Abe administration .
It is not necessarily that there is a loach all the time. -- Is Abe going to escape the political crisis by "putting the economy top priority", too?
[An e-mail from a reader]
About "the death of a certain auto industry worker."

No.1304/June.25, 2017
In addition, a power crime over the Kake school
-- The Abe Administration should be deposed immediately

 The Kake school case is a dirty power crime of the Abe group clarifying privatization of the power and the abuse by Abe along with the Moritomo school case. It revealed the baseness, dirtiness and injustice moral character of the nationalist group, and that the Abe group doesn't have even the lowest qualification, needless to say the ability in charge of the government all over the world. Now it's the chance to overthrow and sweep away the Abe Administration. However, the Democratic Progressive Party, the Japanese Communist Party, and the liberal citizen group got intimidated, just complained about lack of power, and permit the prolongation of life of the Abe Administration and the maneuver of the evil deeds including the constitution revision.

[Editorial]: The oppression law for oppression -- “Counterterrorism” is just a excuse
A deception and idol of the "symbol" Emperor system of Japan -- Can the Emperor become "the symbol" of national morals?
A death of a certain auto industry worker -- Does the capital take even a worker's life!

No.1303/June.11, 2017
Reorganization of "emperor-as-a-symbol system"
-- Prevailed behavior of " unconstitutionality"

 The bourgeois public opinion makes a fuss and makes merry as that the first "living succession(or abdication)" of Emperor realized after the times of the Meiji Restoration of 1867, that is the start of the Japan capitalism began with a fantasy of anachronism called "Restoration of Imperial Rule". However, for workers such a thing is chickenshit, having nothing to do with essentially. The Emperor system of Japan is not merely only an outdated remain. It is the system already clarified that it is a reactionary and harmful social existence that should be swept away in 1945 at the latest by playing a decisive role to drive the whole of the nation to imperialism war, an aggressive war in the early 20th century, by the bourgeois governing classes and the military authorities influenced fascism and burning in an ambition of the aggression using it. It is only one of cancer cells in this current society with "democracy" as principle, a discrimination system fighting against the principle of "democracy", a malignant tumors eating away, hollowing out and leading it to dismantling. The Emperor family and the Abe Administration try to maintain and prolong the Emperor system of Japan that is already anachronism and cannot but die out more and more by the work of cheap tricks such as "living succession(or abdication)", but the workers object to such a maneuver determinedly.

[Editorial]: "The King is naked". -- The established special law of illusion
The issue of Kake school and "the national special ward." -- After the failure of "bedrock regulation" destruction illusion.


We moved this web site here( ) as building the Workers Party aiming for Liberation of Labor on July 4.
Marx's Labor Theory of Value :
A Defense
Hayashi Hiroyoshi
Translated by Roy West

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ISBN: 0-595-34600-6
Published: Mar-2005

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Japanese Marxist Hayashi Hiroyoshi introduces the fundamental concepts of Marx's economic theory, particularly the "labor theory of value" presented at the beginning of Capital.

Book Description

Karl Marx's ideas have been declared "dead" on more than one occasion, only to emerge with new relevance a few years later. But the "collapse of communism" seemed to be the final nail in his coffin. The end of history had been reached, we were told, and poor old Karl was wrong. - Or was he?

In Marx's Labor Theory of Value: A Defense, Hayashi Hiroyoshi argues that Marx will continue to be relevant as long as capitalism continues to exist. This is simply because no one grasped the nature of capitalism on a more profound level than Marx did. Hayashi presents the most fundamental aspects of Marxist economic thought, centering on the discussion of the commodity at the beginning of Capital. Also included are detailed examinations of Adam Smith's theory of value and the concepts of ground - rent, credit, and productive labor. Hayashi shows that Marx's labor theory of value is the key not only to understanding capitalism but also for grasping the essential characteristics of socialism. And socialism - as the real solution to the contradictions of capitalism - turns out to have little in common with the recently deceased "communist" states.

Now that history has resumed - after its brief "hiatus" - it's time to return to Marx!

Our First English Publication !!
 Stalinist or Scientific

The Marxist Theory
of State capitalism

Written by Hiroyoshi Hayashi ; Kennichi Suzuki ,
Translated by Roy West
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We have finally published our first book in English! Now our theory of state capitalism is available in English to socialists throughout the world. This book exposes the pseudo "socialism" of the Soviet Union and China that was mistaken for the real thing for so long. This book represents an important theoretical pillar for the struggle for real socialism.